NTG 5.0/ 5.1 / 5.2/5.5 Navigation System Wireless Carplay / Android Auto Retrofit for Mercedes-Benz (External AMP)

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Type: OEM Navigation integration retrofit (Multimedia Interface)

Compatible with:Mercedes-Benz NTG 5.0/ 5.1 / 5.2/5.5 Navigation System.External AMP module solution: support listening to the factory FM while using add-on CarPlay navigation. Fits select vehicles without stock amplifier like Burmester Audio)


Wireless/wired CarPlay + Wireless/wired Android Auto +iPhone wireless Airplay+ Wired Android phone Autolink +FPG+PDC + Front view Camera in +Rear view camera in +HDMI input+ USB multimedia playback

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NTG 5.0Carplay AMP1

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP2

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP3

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP5

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP6

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP7

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP8

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP9

NTG 5.0Carplay AMP10

Compatible with models below:

carplay OEM intergration