wireless carplay adapter

How to get a wireless Carplay?

雪琴 张May 31, 2021

Do you currently own an OEM wired carplay,in addition to desire to have the capacity to affix it for your car's stereo wirelessly? Or you desire to have the capability to web link it without having to attach your telephone in?

Wireless Apple Carplay is that you do not need to connect in your telephone to attach to the system.This is a very convenient way to link your iphone and Apple Carplay, allowing you to get rid of the messy wires.

Now you just need an wireless Apple Carplay adapter to get the premium experience.

Cartizan CP71 wireless Carplay born for your need.Just plug it into the car's USB port, turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi functions of the phone, then you can follow the instructions to connect both iphone and Carplay.

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Will this work in my car?

If you have a factory-installed CarPlay unit and you see your make and year below, then yes! If you don’t see your car below, email us your make and year so we can contact you when we start supporting it.

If I have two phones, which will it choose?

You can use either phone, but if you have both in the car, it will connect to the last paired phone.

How long does it take for the unit connect?

It depends on your phone and car, but it usually takes 7-14 seconds.

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