Can you install Apple Carplay in a 2016 or older car?

Can you install Apple Carplay in a 2016 or older car?

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If you presently have a car without regular Apple Carplay due to the fact that it is older, or probably really did not supply it from the manufacturing, after that you are still in good luck.

Why would certainly you desire Apple Carplay ?

Apple Carplay is the brand's in-car infomercial system that was on the marketplace since 2014. Inning accordance with Apple, Carplay is a smarter, much more secure means to utilize your iPhone.

If offered in your car, Apple CarPlay allows you to attach your iPhone for a car and utilize iOS applications on the integrated control panel present. You can listen to songs, make phone telephone calls, obtain instructions, send out messages,and more,all while staying focused on the road.

How do you add Apple Carplay to a car?

If you've got your heart set on adding Apple CarPlay to your car, you can retrofitting with Cartizan Champion series Carplay interface.It works with 95% cars generated since 2009.

Put simply, our CarPlay retrofit has actually a component that related to the head system and display. It is an expansion that integrates with the OEM car system. No person will found you transformed anything in your car,up till you really switch on CarPlay.

Bonus, it is a simple plug-and-play device,and oes not need any type of coding as well as will not nullify your service warranty.

Installation Video Show on Lexus ES 260

The installation steps for other cars are similar to this.

What are the benefits of Cartizan Champion Carplay interface?

For installation of Champion Carplay interface, you can get more benefits besides Apple Carplay,such as Android Auto,iPhone airplay,Android Autolink etc.

Multifunctional integration:

  • Wireless/wired CarPlay
  • Wireless/wired Android Auto
  • iPhone wireless Airplay
  • Wired Android phone Autolink
  • Front view Camera in
  • Rearview camera in
  • HDMI input
  • USB multimedia playback
  • Amplifier
  • IPAS
  • PDC

If you have an old car and want to install Apple Carplay, please contact us for consultation. Cost of the solution is a one-time payment, so you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

Chat with me now,Vicky here to help you.

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Is Cartizan Champion compatible with 2015 Lexus GX460?
Are the climate controls function after installing CArtizan interface?

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